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‘Brill-eez’ – Loud, obnoxious, rare, un-basic sunglasses. 

I’m Dutch/Indonesian. ‘Brill’ is the Dutch word for glasses, but it’s also a slang for ‘brilliant’, ‘tacky’, & ‘gaudy’. I love all these things. That’s how BRILLIES was born. 

We sell exclusively vintage & custom-made eyewear. 99.9% of what we sell is authentic 90’s or 2000’s vintage, but on occasion we’ll design a replica y2k style if there’s nothing available on the market.

Shop Highlights

  • Most of our vintage sunglasses are deadstock. This means they were made decades ago but were never released to the public.
  • All of our sunglasses and glasses are rare or hard to find. We source them from a top-secret seller who operates almost entirely offline. You can’t just google them, you’ll only find them here 🙂
  • We check every pair of sunglasses to make sure you get the best possible pick. We choose items with the least amount of wear, but they are vintage and they will likely show some signs of age. (But nothing really noticeable)

One last thing

We’re always looking for models and creatives. If you live in the greater L.A. area and would like to connect, feel free to email me at

I can’t wait to hear from you, and happy shopping!

-Kaila Uli

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