5 Sunglasses The Best Brands


If you unintentionally sit on a pair of these high-end sunglasses, it may spoil your whole day. That’s how wonderful they are. The sunglasses the best brands are reliable suppliers of fashionable UV protection. They also sell quality eyewear. And sure, the list is stacked with a formidable lineup of the usual suspects—the Ray-Bans, Persols, and Oakleys of the world—but you’ll also come across a few names you might not know, including up-and-coming indie darlings looking to carve out a niche for themselves in the always-crowded eyeglasses space.

And sure, the list is stacked with a formidable lineup of the usual suspects—the Ray-Bans, Persols

The thread that binds everything together? All of them have demonstrated their commitment to producing grade-A sunglasses the best brands at the greatest standards of workmanship, producing anything from witty adaptations of vintage-inspired aviators, wayfarers, and clubmasters to eccentric new designs that are wholly their own. And this is not even the end of the abundance of choices.

Because the sunglasses the best brands manufacturers of today provide a number of designs at a variety of price points, which means that the tradition of shelling out top money for an outrageously costly made-in-Italy option—which, to be honest, you don’t even really like—is officially a thing of the past.

To put it another way, there has never been a better moment to nab a high-quality pair of sunglasses that will make you seem like Hollywood royalty — McQueen-approved aviators, anyone? — and block out hazardous UV rays in the process. Do you not know where to start? After putting your faith in one of these sunglasses the best brands, you won’t need to look back again—unless, of course, it’s to shamelessly admire your reflection in the window of a passing vehicle.

Ray-Ban Sunglasses the Best Brands

The heritage of Ray-Ban as a leader in the eyewear industry speaks for itself. After over a century in the company, the iconic lineup of sunglasses produced by the brand need little introduction: Dylan’s Wayfarers, Maverick’s Aviators, and Malcolm X’s Clubmasters. If you’ve lived your entire life without ever having a pair of Ray-timeless Ban’s frames, now is the moment to make up for lost time and get a pair as soon as humanly possible.

Persol Sunglasses The Best Brands

There is a good reason why pilots, Formula One drivers, and bona fide Hollywood royalty have long been fans of Persol’s frames: the brand’s instantly recognizable designs positively ooze old-school Italian elegance, without compromising the type of durability that is required for a race track or a red carpet.

Oakley Sunglasses The Best Brands

The Major League Baseball does not recognize Oakley as an official sponsor, although the company could as well be. Its distinctive, sport-inspired silhouettes look good on anyone, anywhere—whether you’re shagging fly balls in the park or strutting your stuff on the street. Its performance-minded sunglasses have long been a favorite of the league’s most stylish stars, who have always appreciated what the menswear masses are only now cottoning on to: the brand’s distinct, sport-inspired silhouettes look good on anyone, anywhere.

Carrera Sunglasses The Best Brands

Carrera is known for its characteristic enormous sunglasses, which were first introduced in the 1950s. These sunglasses helped make Tony Montana a legend in the film Scarface, and ever since then, they have been a popular choice among Hollywood’s A-listers. Carrera now offers sunglasses that are specifically designed to assist people avoid being photographed by paparazzi (or look like someone who might have to).

O. Peoples, Oliver Sunglasses The Best Brands

The first Oliver Peoples location was a modest shop on Hollywood Boulevard that specialized on selling antique American eyewear. Since it first opened its doors in the late 1980s, the company has developed into a formidable competitor in the eyewear industry. It now produces stylish sunglasses that are modeled after the vintage frames it used to carry and are made from some of the highest quality materials available anywhere in the world.

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