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Sunglasses European Brands

Experiments with Wood and Furniture

is a business located in London, having showrooms in Islington and Chiswick, that serves customers throughout the United Kingdom. Adventures in Furniture is a company that prides itself on the fact that all of their items are constructed entirely out of solid wood and that more than 90% of their goods are manufactured in Europe.

Grüne Erde

The Austrian business places a high priority on maintaining a respectful relationship with the natural world and is dedicated to developing goods that are both socially and environmentally responsible. Grüne Erde crafts high-quality goods out of organic and biodegradable components, with the goal of reducing the company’s impact on the environment. The high-end eco-furniture firm exclusively utilizes solid wood sourced and sunglasses european brands from European forests, the majority of which comes from Austrian forests.

Forestry law in Austria mandates that forests be replanted once timber is harvested, hence the majority of the solid wood used comes from Austria. The furniture has also been awarded the GOTS certification, which stands for the Global Organic Textile Standard. This verifies that the whole production chain has an organic and environmentally friendly stamp of approval.


The company, which was established in Copenhagen in 2006 but now has locations in London, Copenhagen, and Hamburg, is dedicated to giving waste and scrap materials a second chance at life while also producing cutting-edge furniture. Recycling and reusing materials that would normally only have a single application are two of Mater’s core values. For instance, in the production of their aluminum goods, they make use of partly recycled components from automobiles and bicycle wheels.

The innovative Ocean Chairs series by this company takes the concept of repurposing materials to a whole new level. Washing used fishnets, drying and shredding them, converting the shredded material into pellets, and finally using those pellets to construct chairs out of ocean garbage are all part of the process involved in the production of this inventive design.

Mater makes use of mango wood that would have otherwise been burned or left to decompose naturally. When a mango tree stops producing fruit, a new tree is planted in its place. Mater utilizes the wood from the older tree. sunglasses european brands.


Sunglasses european brands features a selection of things that are crafted using Bergo fabric, which is a polyester that is produced from recycled plastic bottles and the manufacturing process does not include the use of any new raw materials. In addition to this, they utilize cotton that has been recycled and all of their textiles are completely free of any metals such as nickel, lead, or chromium.

The leather that was used in the collections can be tracked back to its original farmer, and because of this openness, you can follow its journey from the farm to your house. Only in Europe is furniture made, and the company’s ethos places a premium on creating pieces that are built to last. Above you may see a picture of the Bolia.


Sunglasses European brands with headquarters in Berlin, markets itself as a producer of ecologically friendly furniture using materials that are pollution-free. The German furniture manufacturer use organic solid wood in the production of high-quality, long-lasting items that are simple to repair in the event that they become dented or scratched. Chipboard, for example, is a sort of processed wood, yet solid wood furniture pieces require a lot less glue than those made of other types of processed wood. To prevent any waste that isn’t absolutely essential, the eco-furniture comes packaged in recycled cardboard and paper to safeguard it during shipping.

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