How to Spot Fake Gucci Shades Women and Buy the Best Real One (2023)


How to Spot Fake Gucci Shades Women?

Gucci started out in 1921 as a store that sold leather goods. Since then, it has become a well-known brand that makes a wide range of high-quality products. The brand has become so popular that it’s hard to tell if what you bought is real or fake if you didn’t buy it from a good store. You can tell if your Gucci sunglasses are real or fake, though. If you want to know if your sunglasses are real, look at the details, look at the extras, and buy from a reliable source.

How to Spot Fake Gucci Shades Women

Gucci Shades Women
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Getting the Glasses Checked

Check how it is written or spelled.

This is one of the easiest and quickest ways to figure out if the glasses are real or not. A fake pair could claim “”like,” “inspired by,” or just misspell the word “Gucci.” Check every part of the glasses for spelling mistakes.

Check out the back of the glasses.

All glasses by Gucci are made in either Italy or Japan.

The Safilo Group makes sun glasses. After the place where it was made, such as “Made in Italy” or “Made in Japan,” there should be a CE, which stands for “Conformité European.”” The paint that says “Made in Italy” or “Made in Japan” should be scratched off. If the paint comes off, it’s probably a sign that the sunglasses are fake.

Look for a number that says “model.”

The model number should come after the letters GG, which stand for Guccio Gucci. For sunglasses, the model number will have four numbers followed by a “S.” Check the Internet for this model number. The sunglasses that come up in the search should be similar to the ones you have. Sometimes the fake glasses will have a model number that matches a different kind of glasses. Look for the color code as well. The color code should have five digits or numbers, which can be all letters, all numbers, or a mix of both.

Look at the pads on the nose.

Check the nose pads if there are any. On the metal piece in the middle, the Gucci logo should be etched. This is not on the nose pads of many fake Gucci glasses.


Even if sunglasses are dark, they may not be polarized. Put on the sunglasses and look at your computer screen from different angles. If at some point the glasses get darker, they are polarized.

Take a look at the hinges.

The hinges on a real pair of Gucci sunglasses shouldn’t be made of plastic or be attached with screws. In fact, your sunglasses shouldn’t have any screws at all. After you’ve looked at the hinges, move them to see how they work. They should be easy to move and not get stuck.

See how much it weighs.

Most fake sunglasses are made of materials that are cheaper and lighter. When you hold a real pair of Gucci sunglasses in your hand, they should feel heavy, but not too heavy. You can check the Gucci store’s website to find out how heavy your model of sunglasses should be.

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Taking a look at the extras

Gucci Shades Women
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Make sure you have a warranty and a certificate of authenticity.
Real Gucci sunglasses come with a warranty and a certificate of authenticity that you can find in the box. The authenticity certificate should be a card in an envelope. The color and style of the glasses should be written on the back of the card. Check the information on the card against the information on your glasses to make sure they are the same.

2Check the box it came in.
Sunglasses made by Gucci should come in a Gucci box. The logo and font for “Gucci” on the box should match the logo and font on your sunglasses. Boxes that are newer tend to be brown with gold lettering, but boxes that are older come in different colors and styles.

Remember that fake sunglasses can come in real boxes.

Take a look at the case.

Inside the box should be a carrying case. Both the box and the glasses should have the same logo and font. Check the carry case to make sure the stitches are straight and even. Most new carry cases are brown with gold lettering, but styles of older cases vary.

Take a look at the brown cloth.

The box and carrying case should come with a dust cloth. The Gucci logo should be in the middle of the cloth, just like it is on the sunglasses, the box, and the carrying case. Even if your model is older, the dust cloth should match the other accessories in style.

Check the bag made of plastic.

The sunglasses should be in a plastic bag when they are sold. On top of the plastic bag will be a sticker from the company that made it. Make sure the information on the sticker matches what’s on your sunglasses.

Buying from Sources You Can Trust

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1: Shop at a Gucci store.
If you want to be sure you’re getting real Gucci sunglasses, you should buy them from a Gucci store. So, there will be no question about whether or not the sunglasses are real, and there will be no need to check them. Not everywhere has a Gucci store, but the company does have an online store where you can buy things right away. If you order from Gucci online, make sure that your package has not been opened or changed in any way.

Buy glasses from a high-end store.

If you can’t buy the sunglasses directly from Gucci, the next best way to make sure they are real is to buy them from a trusted store. Some reputable luxury department stores that sell Gucci items are Bloomingdale’s, Neiman Marcus, and Nordstrom. Sometimes these stores are on their own, but most of the time they are in shopping malls.

Check to see if the online store has a policy for returns.

If you have to buy something online from a store that isn’t Gucci or a high-end department store, make sure they have a return policy. You should only buy the sunglasses if you can return them if you change your mind and if you can trust the seller and they have good ratings. This will give you a chance to check if the sunglasses are real before you decide whether to keep them or send them back.

Avoid buying from street vendors.

On busy streets, you’ll often see people selling things they say are “luxury.” Most of the time, the goods will not be real. This is clear from the prices of the items and from a quick look. If you don’t want to buy fake goods, you should stay away from street vendors.

See what it costs.

People know that Gucci sunglasses are always very expensive. Most of the time, the price is at or above $200. A real pair of sunglasses probably won’t be much cheaper than that price.