Vintage sunglasses can take your outfits to new levels, and candy-colored vintage sunglasses are a must. Everyone from Emma Chamberlain to Robert Downey Jr. has been found time and again sporting colored specs. There are no limits in age, era, or occasion when it comes to tinted lenses. Not only are they functional, but these fashionable retro sunglasses can also be better for the planet. Read on to learn about why a candy tint should be a staple in your eyewear collection.

Candy-Colored Vintage Sunglasses Are Functional

Besides style, many choose to wear sunglasses because of their ability to protect the eyes. Be sure you find a company that offers UV protection in their collection. Look for a diverse selection so you can find the perfect shape, color, and whatever other details you want. Many tinted glasses are also able to diffuse potential glare to enhance your view. That could be why we see many celebrities like Johnny Depp or Brad Pitt sporting their pigmented lenses on the red carpet or at film festivals for a protective layer.

Your eyewear should also come from a trusted brand that specializes in offering sunglasses vintage and beyond. One of the other big wins with the right pair of sunglasses is how they can balance the face like well-groomed eyebrows and create fashionable symmetry. 

Candy-Colored Vintage Sunglasses Are Sustainable

We can’t keep looking at the planet’s resources through rose-colored glasses—unless they’re vintage, of course. Sporting retro sunglasses that do not contribute to the fast-fashion world can limit the amount of new plastics that can end up in the ocean or landfills.  Look for deadstock options where the sunglasses are from several decades ago and were never released. This approach helps you celebrate past eras while you wear sunglasses that aren’t part of a fast-fashion manufacturing line that will likely blow over.

In a song, Drake said, “got the rose pink tinted lenses,” so that must mean the world can look better through rimless square lenses in pink that limit their impact on the earth. Be sure you find a company that carefully repairs or restores their sunglasses for high-quality tinted eyewear. Be a trendsetter with vintage sunglasses, and others will be sure to join in on the retro looks while you help the world become a little less wasteful.    

Candy-Colored Vintage Sunglasses Are Versatile 

Your eyewear can be as vibrant as Elton John’s collections or as minimal or consistent as Anna Wintour’s. The best brands should offer a wide array of sunglasses in varying colors and shapes. Consider trying heart-shaped lenses for a fun-loving approach or a rounded shape for Janis Joplin Woodstock vibes. You can create a hippie ensemble or a sharp, high-fashion look with pigmented sunglasses. The options are endless when it comes to how you dress up this eyewear, as are the different colors and shapes that are available. Don’t be afraid to play around and create new looks through candy-colored vintage sunglasses.