Rimless sunglasses are a sleek solution for framing and protecting your eyes. Brillies Sunglasses offers a variety of sunglasses that help us celebrate the 1990s and 2000s through vintage eyewear. Their rimless designs help you look retro and modern. Not to mention, these rimless designs are incredibly lightweight for all-day wear. Read on to learn about some of the rimless Brillies Sunglasses your vintage collection needs.


These custom-made 2000s sunglasses offer the perfect rimless look and feature a gradient lens. It’s a Brillies exclusive style that comes in brown, pink, blue, or black. This pair also offers UV protection and square-shaped lenses. Adam Sandler in Uncut Gems has helped bring back rimless eyewear, but we like to think it never went away. The lightweight design also makes it comfortable for all-day wear.


The Cleo can be your ideal Y2K rimless eyewear. This futuristic style is supported with a rainbow lens and metal arms for a sleek design. These edgy, vintage sunglasses are also marked with a few small metal piercings above the left eye for an irresistible detail. Celebrities like Gigi Hadid or Kourtney Kardashian have been found in rimless styles with a mirror lens (likely to block the haters). Try adding the vintage Cool S earrings that Brillies Sunglasses offers for another retro accessory. 



These mini oval sunglasses offer a small rhinestone detail that makes this rimless eyewear truly pop. The Riley has octagon-shaped lenses and a small rhinestone heart in varying colors. With a slight gradient, you can sport colors from green to a mysterious smokey pigment. The Riley is also shatter-resistant and features a metal frame to keep these vintage sunglasses in tip-top shape.


These rectangle sunglasses offer an array of candy pigments. The Indigo is a 2000s rimless pair that can add a vintage flair to any ensemble. You can sport varying colors such as green, purple, and red. Feel free to try different colors and mix and match your retro sunglasses for new, bold looks. Consider adding a sunglass chain from Brillies Sunglasses for an additional detail that bridges form and function.


These oversized square 90’s sunglasses can help you create the perfect bold look for any event. The Brittney features a gradient that fades from one color to another and offers UV protection. Make these your go-to festival or fun weekend look for a boho-vibe. Try the berry pigment for vibrant face-framing specs that are sure to complete any look.

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