Statement Sunglasses For Spring 2020


Statement sunglasses is a big accessory trend for Spring 2020. From designers like Gucci and Max Mara, to streetstyle bloggers walking to the shows, we’re seeing a lot of oversized, 90’s throwback styles, and bright pops of color all over the runways and on the street.

Oversized sunglasses are making its way back for the Spring season. There’s a lot of ‘70s and ‘80s vibes that are coming through with these looks. Whether it’s aviators, shield, or square shaped sunglasses, the most important content is BIG.

If oversized eyewear isn’t your thing, don’t worry because the ‘90s tiny sunglass trend is still in full effect. Small frames in the shapes of cat eye, oval, round, and everything in between, were spotted all over during fashion week.

Springtime is typically associated with softer hues like pastel pink or pastel blue, but this upcoming Spring season is all about bright tinted lenses in bold shapes. Some of the key color trends for Spring include shocking pinks, sparkling greens, and sherbet orange.

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