Y2K Fashion is all about the bold, sleek, digital lifestyle in the post almost-apocalyptic world.

The end of the 90’s introduced the “Year 2000 Problem”: the idea that a coding bug would parse the year 2000 as 1900, leading to a possible global breakdown of computer systems. People stocked up on food and water and made bug-out plans in case of riots. On New Year’s Eve,1999, families hunkered down and prepared for the worst. It obviously didn’t happen. By the year’s end, panic about Y2K had turned into excitement over merging fashion and new tech. Cell phones became statement pieces, waist lines dropped to scandalous lows, and Paris Hilton became a God (ess). Sunglasses became accessories instead of practical eye protection – they were oversized or super tiny, no in-between. Sunglasses were loud, funky, extreme, brightly colored and sexy.  

2000’s fashion is coming back in a big way – The visual motifs of Y2K—futurism, technical apparel, logomania, and the global pastiche responsible for everything from tribal tattoos to Gwen Stefani’s Harajuku phase—have seeped into contemporary fashion, as we’re here for it. 

Here’s a few looks at our favourite y2k/2000’s sunglasses looks, and our favorites dupes:

The Look: Aaliyah oversized shield sunglasses

Copy It: Authentic Vintage 2000’s shield sunglasses

Aaliyah Y2k Shield Sunglasses

The Look: Lizzy McGuire – 2000’s sunnies with a little rhinestone detail

Copy It: Authentic vintage rhinestone sunglasses 

The Look: Jessica Simpson Y2k Aviators – Brillies Sunglasses Tinted Aviators

Copy It: “Richard” vintage 2000’s aviators

Jessica Simpson 2000's Sunglasses

The Look: Brittney Spears Micro Sunglasses

Copy It: Brillies Sunglasses “Peyton” y2k small sunglasses

Brittney Spears Micro Sunglasses