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Vintage Saves the Planet

Fast fashion = waste. The solution? Vintage.

Every year our planet is damaged with tons of plastics, nylons, acrylics. We can fight that.

Brillies Sunglasses believes in reusing the past to preserve the future.

We avoid creating waste by reusing what's already here. We find old, long-forgotten sunglasses lost in the warehouses of Los Angeles. We restore, refresh and release them back into the wild. It's basically recycling 2.0

We're committed to reducing our environmental footprint by constantly making the best possible decisions for our planet. We recycle, reduce, and reuse by repurposing vintage, and we ship with bio-friendly, recyclable materials.

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our approach -

99% of our products are deadstock, meaning they were made at least 20 years ago, but were never sold. We spend hours digging through old warehouses looking for these gems. We rescue and restore each piece, then preserve them in a temperature - controlled space.

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our efforts as a #SMALLBUSINESS

Brillies Sunglasses started as a small Etsy shop in 2017 and has since grown to into a thriving vintage eyewear community. We strive for transparency, authenticity, and inclusivity in everything we do.

Brillies Gives Back: During the onset of the pandemic Brillies sourced and sent vintage PPE to hospitals and healthcare workers. We donate a portion of profits to various charities that support the planet, human rights, and other small businesses.