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Vintage: The Plan to save the planet

Fast fashion = waste. The solution? Vintage.

Every year our planet is polluted & damaged by millions of pounds of plastics, nylons, and acrylics.

We can fight that.

Here's the plan - Let's reuse the past and preserve the future by minimizing our waste. Let's start using what's here, instead of constantly creating more.

Hard-Hitting Fast Fashion Facts
1. “Three out of five fast fashion items end up in a landfill” (Clean Clothes Campaign, 2019)

2. “Washing, solvents, and dyes used in manufacturing are responsible for one-fifth of industrial water pollution” (McKinsey, 2020)

3. Fast fashion brands use open-loop production cycles that pollute water and land” (The New York Times, 2019)

4. “The fashion industry is responsible for 8% of carbon emissions” (UN Environment, 2019)

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The Solution :

99% of our products are deadstock vintage. They were made at least 20 years ago, but went unsold to the public. Most are in their original packaging.

This gives us a rare opportunity to recycle, reduce, and reuse these untouched vintage gems.

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our efforts as a #SMALLBUSINESS

Brillies Sunglasses started as a small Etsy shop in 2017 and has grown into a thriving vintage eyewear community. We aim for transparency, authenticity, and inclusivity in everything we do.

Brillies Gives Back: During the onset of the pandemic Brillies sourced and sent vintage PPE to hospitals and healthcare workers. We donate a portion of profits to various charities that support the planet, human rights, and other small businesses.